Clickity Clack – Weatherman

Yesterday I wrote of a fictional eponymous character I’d been developing for a yet unwritten yarn with a working title of Hilda Chinwag. A gossip laden harridan, Miss Chinwag revels in her self-appointed role of peoples champion in the picturesque village of Ainsley Scragg. Her daily remit is to right wrongs, as well […]

Pretentious Prose

Wintertide At The Roundhay Fox Parkland situ alehouse Stout of porter and constitution Thou comforting embers aglow Warming soul and spirit from unwanted chill.Wintertide sanctuary from Theoi Meteoroi Sustain thy children until time of bell Till adieus fall silent from thy ears And the Peroni pipes cease. ———————————————————- […]

Hilda Chinwag

Yesterday, a family friend asked me the creative process I undertake when structuring a fictional character on random literary journeys. They also enquired what time Boots the Chemist shut at Colton Retail Park on a Friday. I was able to answer the first question but, as I’m not a chuffing […]

Arthur’s Pre-Op OCD

An elderly close family member is due to undergo surgery today, a lengthy procedure that will leave him bed bound for a number of days. It’s surgery that’s not without risk at his age, however it’s a necessity to remove a highly aggressive malignancy. Despite the pain he is experiencing from […]

Reducing That Carbon Footprint

Yesterday, chez Strachan had a Smart energy meter fitted, enabling my brood up to date access to statistics about our daily electricity and gas usage cost. It’s quite a useful piece of kit, soon proving it’s worth by informing us the engineer who fit the device used £1.50 in electricity, the result of all the chuffing cups […]

Sing Us A Song Piano Man

A couple of years ago I had aspirations to be a budding Jools Holland or Jamie Cullum. By that I mean become an accomplished piano player, not a short arse bloke who likes to adorn jackets. In my attempt to make this dream a reality, I started attending piano lessons. In conjunction to […]

Return To The Waiting Room

As I commence this yarn, I’m sitting in the bowels of the Clarendon Wing, at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). Perched beside me are two family members; dynasty heads, positive of demeanour and caring of character. One is reading an article on cholesterol, during a rare venture from the […]