Where There’s A Will

Chiminea ignited; summertime meteorology remains clandestine Conspiring with already migrated birds; Blighty blighted Sabbatical prior to indulgence of prodigal son, hemisphere south Kill the fatted calf for sub equator folk Hopefully father can elucidate on northern warmth disparity.   August chill ignites yeti’s comfort seeking Less clear is need for his attention seeking Chiminea joins in […]

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Low Aspirations

A minor wish on the Gary Strachan bucket list was fulfilled yesterday. It didn’t provide the adrenalin rush of a zip wire ride, or the aesthetic beauty of an Alaska cruise, nevertheless it’s an ornate possession I’ve coveted for a while. The fulfilment of this ambition was quite simply the acquisition of a globe, at John Lewis’ in Leeds. To clarify, the globe could […]

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Legacy To My Offspring

Despite both of my offspring being in adulthood for a few years now, like most parents I still attempt to make myself available for guidance, mentoring or just a good old fashioned chat where we rip the p**s out of each other. Over the twentysomething years Jonny and Rachel have resided in this dysfunctional universal portal (incidentally, that’s planet Earth not chez Strachan), it’s given me immense pride […]

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Egg, Handkerchief; Handkerchief, Egg

During this morning’s inaugural venture into the kitchen, I was greeted by the much vaunted Eagles anthem Hotel California on Magic radio . To clarify, Magic radio is a digital station that plays classic hits from the 1970’s/80’s and 90’s. It isn’t a channel that gives advice on how to undertake illusions, such as pulling a rabbit out of […]

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Nowhere Plans For Nobody

Rancid journey with no outcome desirable Damned if you do; don’t and vilification still Fool on hill, feeds scraps to judgemental Their prurient appetites fed; real story irrelevant   Fab quartet advocate nowhere man not to worry Take his time and not hurry Have patience till somebody else lends him a hand World isn’t at his command, […]

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What’s Her First Name, Dad?

The ‘On This Day’ app on Facebook has just kindly reminded me that this time last year I was stuck in Derbyshire awaiting a recovery vehicle. My car rendered undriveable by a wheel bearing fault. In the car was my father of 50+ years, an overnight case of two years and 5kg of wine gums purchased […]

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Latitude and longitude; chalk and cheese Polar opposites, though only one found on pizza Unless you like chalk topping on thy thin & crispy Sweet and sour; man and woman Polar opposites; only two of four in Chinese meal Unless have cannibal tendencies; chef accommodating Alkaline and acid; bald and hirsute Polar opposites; only one can have a […]

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