The Wrath of Karma

I’m unable to visit my dad in the hospice with the rest of the family until this afternoon. The consequence of Karma, in her infinite wisdom, decreeing my past misdemeanours warrant a current existence of two close family members with incurable illness. I’m unsure what’s caused Karma’s wrath, but I’m beginning to regret stealing … Continue Reading The Wrath of Karma

Serenity in Stanley

Since embarking on this literary voyage, I’ve written these tales of inanity in a multitude of establishments. Today’s offering is being penned in, or just outside, my moribund dad’s room in a West Yorkshire hospice. The circumambulating atmosphere a justapos of the distressing sight of witnessing a loved one’s suffering … Continue Reading Serenity in Stanley

Dream Within A Dream

Originally posted on Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred:
American writer and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe passed away on this day in 1849, at the age of 40. The cause of death remains a mystery, with delirium tremens, heart disease, epilepsy, syphilis, meningeal inflammation, cholera and rabies…