Charles Denies Saying His Birthday Presents Were “The Usual Old Shite” – Blog #6

A spokesman for Prince Charles today denied accusations that he was an ungrateful, over indulged old man after he was alleged to have responded “…..the usual old shite” when asked privately by a valet what presents he had received for his birthday.

“The allegation is utter nonsense. Charles appreciates all the gifts he receives from around the globe on every birthday.” the aide advised us. “This year was no different and he personally told me how much he loved the 78 tweed jumpers, 48 tins of out of date shortbreads, the ‘Oliver Reed Drink Yourself Slim’ video, the crotchless t-shirt, the left handed socks along with the 3 Charles and Diana Wedding Mugs that were amongst the gifts he received this year.” he added. The aide also confirmed that the Prince’s staff will respond to everyone who sent him a gift to thank them personally within the near future.

The Clarence House aide, though, remained tight lipped when asked what the other member of the Royal Family had given Charles as a present. It is rumoured that the Queen could not make her mind up whether to give him a Nintendo Wii or Leicestershire so she just got him Argos vouchers

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