You Cannot Be Serious!

It’s been a slow news day today. It has been so uninspiring that the highlight so far was a person holding a handkerchief over their nose on a movie we were watching, precisely at the time someone broke wind in our living room.

The character in the movie obviously wasn’t reacting to the wind in our room. However, as I’m shallow, easily amused bloke the timing made me smile…………. If the fact I’ve had to include that in my blog doesn’t tell you how dull my days been, then nothing will!

I’m assuming the character in Mission Impossible wasn’t reacting to the flatulence at home, but due to its potency, you never know!

Emmanuelle Beart (and a fireman) struggling to come to terms with the flatulence in our front room! …………. I don’t know why she’s so stuck up about it, we all do it!


Today has been so lacklustre, I’ve been seeking inspiration for a subject to write from many sources. In a bid to kick my creative thoughts into gear, I’ve been researching today’s famous birthdays, anniversaries of world changing events and deaths online.

Nothing is jumping out at me from what I’ve seen so far. I’m just meeting lots of names of  “celebrities” that I’ve predominantly never heard of, or if have are yet to inspire me..

One of the names the Yahoo search engine returned when I googled (or Yahooed, should I say!) ‘Birthdays 27th July” was the bizarrely named movie director Yahoo Serious. Amongst his back catalogue of movies is the comedy Young Einstein.

Yahoo Serious ………. or the artist formerly known as Greg Pead


My first thought on seeing this was “AreYahoo being serious?” It sounded such an unlikely name. However, on further research it turned out it was a genuine. Apparently, he is an Aussie famed for his conceptual art movies in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

He changed his name from Greg Pead to Yahoo Serious in 1980, shortly before his filmmaking became popular. I can understand the wish to get rid of the name Greg Pead, but I have to say Yahoo Serious wouldn’t be my first chance as a new moniker.

If he really wanted a search engine related name why didn’t he plump for something like Bing Crosby. That strikes me as the sort of nome de plume that would be more engaging to movie goers and hasn’t been used before (I don’t think, anyway!)

Anyway, it’s nothing to do with me what he’s called. So I’ll just wish you a happy birthday Yahoo, or Greg (or whatever you call yourself). May all your dreams come true, apart from the one with the horse which is just wrong……… and probably illegal!!

Evidently when he told his good friend, the 1970’s and 1980’s tennis player, John McEnroe of his name change he wasn’t impressed. In fact his angry reaction was caught on camera below!

Talking of Bing Crosby (we were weren’t we?), today is the twelfth anniversary of the death of his golf and entertainment partner Bob Hope, who died at the age of 100.

Amongst their many projects together were seven ‘Road Movies’ in which they starred with Dorothy Lamour. The gags, many ad-libbed by Hope and Crosby, are said to have made up for the questionable quality of these comedy movies plots.

Hope died peacefully in his home in California on 27th July 2003, unlike Crosby whose death was a lot more public, when he passed away after he walked from a Spanish golf course in 1977.

Crosby’s real name was Harry Lillis Crosby. He took Bing as his stage name. He originally thought Yahoo Crosby was an endearing option. However, he chose Bing after advisors told him that “Yahoo would be f***ing stupid names for someone in the entertainment industry!”………. Greg Pead take note!

Crosby is buried near Los Angeles airport next to his wife and close by follow stars like Jimmy Durante, Mack Sennett and the fabulously named Fibber McGee.

McGee rose to fame with his wife Molly in an American radio comedy that lasted from 1935-1959. He was another star who used a stage name. His real name was Lying Tw@t McGee, but he thought Fibber was less offensive and had more of a ring to it!


Right I’ve had enough of making stupid names up. I’m off!

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