Judging A Book By Its Cover!

Edited and updated version of my original narrative.

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

During a recent sampling of Facebook’s fare, I was struck by the bizarre nature of some of the apps or themed postings that had rendered on my timeline.

For example, I saw a posting which asked the reader to add in ‘comments’ the main characters name in the last TV show they’d watched. According to the posting, that person would carry out your rescue should you have the misfortune to be kidnapped.

As the last show I watched was uber camp arbiter Judge Rinder, I just hope I never get kidnapped. I don’t wish to be disparaging, but I suspect the ransom would have to be paid if I was reliant on the judge to secure my freedom with violence.

“Don’t Shoot!”

rinder 1

I don’t wish any disrespect to the flambouyant advocate who I’m sure is a decent fella. That being said, though, he doesn’t strike me as is someone…

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