Latitude and longitude; chalk and cheese

Polar opposites, though only one found on pizza

Unless you like chalk topping on thy thin & crispy

Sweet and sour; man and woman

Polar opposites; only two of four in Chinese meal

Unless have cannibal tendencies; chef accommodating

Alkaline and acid; bald and hirsute

Polar opposites; only one can have a perm

Unless the slaphead dons hairpiece.


Prose of opposites; sonnet of antipodes

What’s your random agenda, Gary?

Is message subliminal your motive?

Incidentally, do you know your flies are open?

Educate us with thy connotation of contradictions

Instruct reader of lexilogical per contra

Enhance our existence with significance of verse

Ok then don’t, you ignorant half-wit

By the way, can you lend me £10 until payday?

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