Where There’s A Will

Chiminea ignited; summertime meteorology remains clandestine

Conspiring with already migrated birds; Blighty blighted

Sabbatical prior to indulgence of prodigal son, hemisphere south

Kill the fatted calf for sub equator folk

Hopefully father can elucidate on northern warmth disparity.


August chill ignites yeti’s comfort seeking

Less clear is need for his attention seeking

Chiminea joins in with non-conforming; emiting white smoke

Culprit old fuel ponders hirsute geezer

Or has a new Pope been elected?


Will breeze, clouds and precipitation eventually relent?

Will Hill stops taking bets on chill continuance

Will written; precaution at pneumonia apprehension

Where there’s a will there’s a lawsuit

Where there’s a will there a way; or so they say.

will 1

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