The Prose & Cons Of Romance!

While sat this morning in front of a blank Word document seeking inspiration, I felt the terrible need for a sugar kick. As I walked into the kitchen to seek to solve this craving, I passed on this information on to Karen. Unfortunately, she misheard it as “I need a kick”, so she stopped embalming […]

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Venting On An Advent!

Well we’re into December, we can start opening our advent calendars, put our Christmas trees up without repercussions from the Christmas tree police and people will soon be caroling (hopefully not, though, bringing their cacophonous din to my door!). I’ve nothing against carol singers per se! Listening to carols sung by a melodic choir can […]

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My Ever Changing Mood

Yesterday evening I went to see singer/songwriter Paul Weller and his band in a gig at the fd Arena, in Leeds. Being sat behind a lanky bloke whose head was ‘Above the Clouds’ could have meant an evening of ‘Ever Changing Moods’ for yours truly. Thankfully, the modern design of the venue, which enhances the […]

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Gore Blimey, A Women MP!

28th November is a notable day for women’s rights. On this day in 1893, New Zealand created history when it became the first nation to allow women to vote. Also on this date in 1919, Lady Astor became the first woman to sit in the House of Commons …….. Although, apparently she required a further […]

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What’s A Delaware Boy?

Yesterday, Karen excitedly advised me that she’d received an email, from Ticketmaster, advising tickets for singer Adele’s 2016 tour go on sale next week. I haven’t seen her so giddy since I told her last week I’d read her hometown of Birtley, in County Durham, had been nominated in the ‘Town Baths With Best Chlorine […]

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Oswald & The Magic Bullet

Fifty two years ago yesterday Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged sole killer of the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was himself murdered in the basement area of a Dallas police station. Oswald was murdered live on TV by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby. NBC viewers watched on as the New Orleanian was shot, whilst […]

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