Tick in the Box

Throwback Monday – An updated version of a tongue in cheek narrative I wrote two years ago on the topic of project management:- One hundred and twenty four years today France became the first country to make it mandatory for all cars and carriages to have a registration plate. The introduction of this innovative epiphany was to support the surete (French […]

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Prose In Repose

Wintertide At The Fox Parkland situ alehouse Stout of porter and constitution Thou comforting embers aglow Warming soul and spirit from unwanted chill. Wintertide sanctuary from Theoi Meteoroi Sustain thy children until time of bell Till adieus fall silent from thy ears And the Peroni pipes flow abates   The Road to Recovery 2014, bereft […]

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Is That The Time?

This morning, I met a Strachan relative for the first time since the early 1970’s. The gent in question being my dad’s cousin whose father and my grandfather were brothers; two pranksters, blue of eye and mischievous of smile. He (Steve) knocked this morning at my front door as he’d been to my neighbour Mike’s house to quote him for a decorating […]

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And When They Were Up….

In stadium white rose, rendezvous unexpected Pater and his boy, a chance encounter Offspring’s trademark smile greets old man Joint remit witnessing of Roses War skirmish Willow belabouring leather sphere contest Superior tally victor; Lewis/Duckworth welcome not Will the House of York or Lancaster prevail? A battle to win, though not victory of war.   […]

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Has Anyone Ever Told You…?

My week of exercise and healthy eating unceremoniously came off the rails yesterday evening. The willpower of yours truly, stoic foe of temptation over the previous seven days or so, conspicuous by it’s absence during a visit to Headingley cricket ground. An evening sojourn with a pal to witness the Yorkshire v Lancashire T20 Blast game. All the ingredients were there to […]

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Charlie Says…..

Like most individuals, I find the current posturing and rhetoric emanating from North Korea and the USA distasteful and deeply disturbing. Witnessing these scenes on yesterday’s news bulletins, and mulling over their potential consequences, brought to mind a 1980 public information film (PIF) on surviving a nuclear attack. Before proceeding, I want to clarify I find nothing remotely humorous about nuclear war, or […]

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Sojourn in the Fog

  Muddled, befuddled, disorientated, addled Lexicologically akin, each suffixed with ‘led’ Apart from disorientated; maverick that conforms not Bewildered states, though not star spangled.   Fog remains, contrary to forecast Keeley promised sunshine; absence though conspicuous One day yeti will need factor 20 Terrible storm though a pre-requisite.   Hirsute man accepts strain universal Dwellers by billion […]

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