Two Soups & A Pot Noodle

In my newly acquired role of dissenter against the mainstream, I often cock a snook at the world and push existential boundaries to their limits with acts of wanton recklessness. Yesterday this growing list of daring doo was augmented after I fearlessly cooked a couple of batches of homemade soup. This novel role of dissenter pays poorly, but the hours are good […]

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Is That Really Chris Rea’s Cousin?

During this mornings car journey to East Ardsley, the car radio treat me (and many others) to Chris Rea performing a live piano version of his 1985 hit Stainsby Girls. Exhibiting his distinctive gruff vocals and displaying pianist skills that usurped late comedian Les Dawson, the song took to an altogether higher plateau of listenability than his original rock […]

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A Trilby & Smoke Rings

The falling leaves Drift by the window The autumn leaves Of red and gold……… Those inaugural words of Frank Sinatra’s lament Autumn Leaves resonate around my neurological corridors this morning. Despite it’s melancholic undertones, it’s a welcome guest; although it could have brought cake, the tight get! I’m unsure why the first verse of a underplayed […]

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Black Skies Are The New Blue

Name your ransom; what dowry for chief’s homecoming? Brood at sea, despite occupying terra firma Clan cut adrift, despite occupying terra firma Old Blue Eyes lament awaits chief Frankie’s throat cleared; though won’t sing ‘The Good Life’ Wine rack bereft of buddy merlot For Pontefract cakes, blue is new black For the brood, skies black […]

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Quite A Day!

On the day my parents married I hadn’t yet joined this mortal coil; consequently, I’m unable to provide first hand experiences of that day. However, through engaging with people who were there that day, I understand the service and reception went something like this:- On this day 57 years ago a young man from Farnley […]

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The Wrong Pans

Scene – It’s just gone 8 pm on a Friday evening in the Burmantofts area of Leeds. The fledgling dusk is around an hour old and under lamplight outside an oncology unit and ambulance slowly approaches the entrance. Once stationary at the entrance area, an octogenarian patient is taken from the medical vehicle by portable […]

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Paying Off The Builders

I’ve recently returned from collecting for MacMillan cancer support at Marks & Spencer Food in Cross Gates. After navigating torrential rain to secure their weekend provisions, as usual the big-hearted M&S customers dug deep and donated magnanimously. Consequently, the consumers altruism meant my voluntary stint concluded with a weighty collection bucket, not to mention arms like Stretch Armstrong. Dressed in […]

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